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Intuitive networking on the go
with the always-on management platform

Super easy network management for small businesses without IT resources
Easy network setup
Set up in just a few clicks, and your devices will be auto-provisioning
On-the-go monitoring
The intuitive interface to real-time monitor networks through mobile app
Handy features & tools
Cloud-based handy troubleshooting tools simplify network management
FitXpress Use Cases for Small Business
I have No IT guy to get the networking done.
Quick On-boarding

No matter how many devices you have to deal with, scan with mobile and get each device onboard in seconds.

Easy Setups

The straightforward interface with predefined and custom profiles helps you get Wi-Fi ready in a few steps.

I need to manage the branch networks remotely.
Remote Monitoring

FitExpress mobile app lets you get real-time information on distributed networks on the go.

Multiple Networks and Multi-tenant

You can assign administrators for multi-locations or centrally manage multiple networks with one user account.

I want a secured guest Wi-Fi and block suspicious clients.
Separated Guest Network

Create a guest Wi-Fi separated from staff network to prevent clients from communicating and protect business from malware.

Blacklisting and Access Control

Deny the access of specific SSID or block suspicious clients from accessing your Wi-Fi networks.

I want to quickly create a Wi-Fi portal for my guests.
Simple Captive Portal

Customize different Captive Portals for Wi-Fi networks to authenticate users and deliver messages before they access the Internet.

How could I know any devices from remote site got issue?
Real-time Notification

Get notified by mobile app or email whenever a device goes offline.

Find the Problem Devices

Locate the device that went offline and see recommendation actions.

I don't have time for on-site support when a problem occurred.
Check Device Status

Get comprehensive information of a particular device and drill into the details if needed.

Troubleshooting Tools

A bunch of visualized diagnostic tools is in place whenever a device is found problematic.

Business-grade Wireless and Wired Network Devices

FIT Network Switches
Layer 2+ desktop and rackmount PoE Switches
FIT Outdoor Wireless
Outdoor Access Points with Wi-Fi 6 and weather resistance
FIT Indoor Wireless
Indoor Access Points with Wi-Fi 6 and radio security

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