EnGenius EnSky

Versatile On-Premise

Central Management Solution


EnSky is the on-premises network management solution of EnGenius. This innovative total solution has a rich product portfolio comprising the SkyKey (controller) and ezMaster (software), the managed indoor and outdoor wireless devices, managed Ethernet switches, and the mobile tool, EnWiFi app.

EnSky Solution

Management Platform

Managed Devices

SkyKey - Controller

ezMaster - Software

EnWiFi - Mobile app

Indoor wireless

Outdoor wireless

PoE switches

What can EnSky Do?

EnSky's suite of tools helps you deploy managed Wi-Fi to integrate with an existing on-site network or build customized networks from scratch. Users can remotely access the platform to configure, monitor, and manage networks in a centralized location by web or on a mobile app.

Device Configuration

WLAN configuration and group settings for APs and switches

Visualized Monitoring

Monitor and provide visualizations of AP status and active clients

Network Management

Multi-tenant system maintenance and real-time event notification


EnSky offers flexible deployment and management options, the latest in security with tunnelling connections, and self-healing routing algorithms with EnMesh.

Flexible Controller Deployments

LAN deployment across different subnets or manage remote devices

Secure Tunnel Connection

Control packets are all encrypted between EnSky and managed devices

Enterprise-Level Mesh

Adds devices quickly, optimizes routes, and immediately self-heals


Flexible and Scalable Network Deployments

Local Network Deployment with SkyKey

Users can deploy their devices onto the SkyKey web interface, which then become available for selection to a user-created project for further customization.

Single Site / Same Subnet

On-site deployment up to 50 devices

LAN / Cross-Subnet

Deploy SkyKey on each network across subnets

Remote Access for Multiple EnSky Controllers

Multiple EnSky controllers can be deployed for cross-network management and managed in a central place, no matter how many SkyKey-based devices are in your network.


EnGenius EnWiFi Mobile App

The EnWiFi App enables a single device or group settings for both indoor and outdoor applications, with quick-setup options for deployment and monitoring for initial configuration.​