End to End Solution
Solutions from start to finish. Network tools that put you in control of your Wi-Fi.

Confidently plan, deploy, and manage a Wi-Fi network with enterprise-level expertise.

Introducing the EnGenius cloud-based networking solution of hardware and software tools. Perfect for IT agencies looking to achieve more efficient IT management and save on labor costs.

Build a proactive deployment plan and deliver customized reports to win a client’s business. Take a look at how EnGenius End-to-End helps you develop a comprehensive network deployment from start to finish.


Automate Layouts with ezWiFi Planner

ezWiFi Planner enables you to simulate the an optimized wireless network in your next deployment.

Upload plans, place potential obstacles, and generate reports with heatmaps to map out your project's next course of action.

ezwifi planner


Install Access Points & Configure Centrally

Implement your solution with the EnGenius hardware and software that best fits your needs. Simple configuration and updates make it easy to complete large deployments at the push of a button.


Monitor and Analyze with ezMaster

Manage networks from a single centralized interface either locally or remotely via the cloud. The ezMaster software tool empowers you to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your network effortlessly.

Measure network traffic trends, observe access point throughput, & detect suspicious network activity with real time alerts.