The EnMesh™ Mobile App is associated with the whole-home EnMesh system which brings mesh Wi-Fi coverage to your home with easy add video surveillance. Set up, control and view your network from anywhere.fer lag.

EnMesh™ For Home Wi-Fi

Easy to Setup

Deploy with Flexibility

Be in Full Control

Be in Full Control

One-Touch Troubleshooting

Manage Mesh Wi-Fi and Devices

EnFile™ For Storage

Easy to Setup

Easy Access

Smart Organization

One-Touch Backup

Your Personal Cloud Storage

EnViewer™ for Meshcam

Easy to Setup

Live Monitoring

Get Snapshots & Record

Storage & Replay

Set Motion or Audio Triggers

Supported Hardware of Mobile Apps


 Mobile AppsWork withAllow you to
 EnMesh™ EMR3000
– Install and control your EnMesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi network
– Keep devices secure, allow guest access and manage family screen time
 EnFile™ EMR3000

– Use with your EnMesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi System
– Store, retrieve & share music, photos, video, documents

 EnViewer™ EMR3000
– Use with your EnMesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi System along with the AP MeshCam
– View live video from multiple AP MeshCam™ device
– Watch, record and receive motion or audio-triggered alerts