EnMesh - Easy Management

From the moment you set up, the EnMesh Mobile App puts total control and insight of your wireless network at your fingertips. Featuring a full set of installation and management tools.


Setup with Ease

Get connected and ready to work and play online in just a few simple steps with the EnMesh App to guide you

Add surveillance to your home without any complicated wiring process with the AP MeshCam​

Be in Full Control

Share on Your Terms

Securely share your Wi-Fi access with company, or create a separate guest network just for them.

One-Touch Troubleshooting​

Monitor and fix detected network issues with one-touch troubleshooting and system recovery.

Parental Controls​

Easily manage family access, schedule on and off times or pause Wi-Fi. Block specific websites and filter by keywords.​

Prioritize Devices

Ensure your streaming devices, like smart TVs, get the priority and bandwidth needed onbusy networks to prevent buffering and networking.

Management As You Need It

View your network anytime, anywhere

Speed-test your Internet connection, see all of your connected devices, and monitor the link quality of each mesh router pod

Scroll through surveillance recordings, shared files, and connected device data