Cloud To-Go App - Smart Networking On the Go

With the EnGenius Cloud To-Go mobile app, you always have full control of cloud­-managed switches, access points, and other devices. Get real-time alerts no matter where you are.

Easy Deployment

Scan the QR code on your device to register it to company inventory on EnGenius Cloud. Once plugged in, EnGenius Cloud will push the device's proper configuration to the device, no extra work required.

  • Register devices to your company inventory
  • Create organization and network-level configurations
  • Assign devices to a network to apply network-level settings
  • Multiple site deployment made easy

Smart Management

The EnGenius Cloud mobile app offers highly customizable real-time notifications to help you stay alert to all issues when they first arise. Businesses can easily manage networks and configure access points from any location.

  • Manage the network with a hierarchy view
  • Quick access to the access point and switch status
  • Remotely schedule firmware upgrades for multiple sites
  • Monitor and troubleshoot with the client timeline

Visualized Analytics

EnGenius Cloud mobile app empowers you to troubleshoot with accurate and feasible advice. EnGenius Cloud's artificial intelligence minimizes potential issues by setting up event-based alerts and push notifications for commonly detected issues.

  • Network health at a glance with a visualized dashboard
  • Pinpoint issues with Al-driven advisory
  • Manage devices with real-time metrics
  • AP locations and WiFi strength with building floor view
  • Real-time notifications for abnormal network activity

EnGeniusCloud App - Supported Products

Smart networking is available for both wired & wireless networks

Access Points


Network Switches