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  • EnGenius Wi-Fi 6 Meets the Demand

  • EnGenius EnWiFi Mobile App

    EnGenius EnWiFi is a simple Wi-Fi management and configuration platform that is developed for EnGenius outdoor and indoor Wi-Fi devices. Users can easily configure their devices on-site and monitor the installed or deployed devices on their smart phones or tablets.<br /> <br /> The EnWiFi app facilitates the set-up of a single or a group of Wi-Fi devices from a single interface and provides real-time connection status. Simple diagnostic and site-survey tools allows installers to make deployment adjust on-site and also help future easy maintenance.

  • EnGenius Wi-Fi 6 For the Enterprise-Minded SMB

    • Wi-Fi & mobile devices will account for 71% of IP-traffic<br /> • IoT connections will be 51% of the total devices and connections<br /> • Fixed IP traffic will grow at a CAGR of 24%

  • EMR3500 & EMR5000 Video

    Designed to provide a dedicate radio for Mesh backhaul and dual radios for multiple devices to deliver 100% full-strength Wi-Fi signal in a Mesh Network.

  • EnGenius Cloud Launch Event Video

    The EnGenius Cloud launch event (24/02/19) demonstrates how the EnGenius Cloud offers reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure as well as the unique features it offers to help IT managers better visualize their networks with important insights. <br /> <br /> Learn more at:

  • EnGenius Cloud Solution Video

    Experience unprecedented ease and efficiency in network management

  • EnGenius Cloud Launch Event Livestream

    View the full presentation at

  • Qualcomm 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) Livestream

    View the full Qualcomm presentation on the benefits & applications of 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) at:

  • Televes Scandinavia AB Interview at EnGenius Cloud Launch Event 2019

  • Kabtel Interview at EnGenius Cloud Launch Event 2019

  • Professional Services Interview at EnGenius Cloud Launch Event 2019

  • Solwise Ltd Interview at EnGenius Cloud Launch Event 2019