Experience the convenience of smart network management with the EnSky platform, SkyKey hardware, and ezMaster management software

Distributed Network Management with EnSky

Deploy locally, remotely, or via the Internet.

Options for managing your network with the EnGenius platform.

Remote Access of Devices

EnGenius EnSky makes centralized network management easy. You can deploy, monitor, and manage any number of devices across borders.


Unlimited Flexibility

ezMaster network management software empowers you to set up and maintain multiple customer sites to save time and reduce the operational costs of site visits.

Same Subnet
Local deployment in the same
Local deployment in different zones
Over Internet
Multi-site remote deployment in different zones

Complete Scalablility

Start small and scale-out a network or networks across separate buildings, regions, and countries with a minimum of hassle.

Rich Reporting & Analytics


Get insights at a glance into your network’s health. Drill down to discover potential problem areas with switches, access points, or client devices.

Statistics View​

Pinpoint and address potential problems before they affect users with invaluable reporting, analytics, and real-time monitoring tools.

Topology View​

The topology view automatically maps your network deployment and visualize device relationships and physical connections.

Floor Plan

Upload floor plans and drop markers to represent real and prospective locations for your access points in the real world.

Map View

The map view displays the physical locations of access points and controllers for managing the big picture in larger/multi-site deployments.

Wireless Coverage Display

Indicates the coverage of indoor access points for Wi-Fi planning purposes, and displays the reference signal strength.