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Be the First to Experience the EnGenius AI-Driven Cloud Solution

July 1, 2019

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, July XX, 2019 – EnGenius Networks Europe B.V., a multinational networking company known for offering a vast range of quality networking solutions for SMB businesses, is excited to introduce the EnGenius AI-Driven Cloud Solution Program. The program is aimed at providing resellers and system installers with the opportunity to preview EnGenius Cloud solutions being developed by EnGenius before they are introduced to the public and gives the possibility of obtaining exclusive access to the new tools for previewing purposes and evaluation.

EnGenius Cloud is based on AI-driven cloud computing and designed to overcome the current issues customers face with cloud management. Every day more of our industry is moving to cloud-based network management. Small and medium-sized businesses are making the jump for greater network scalability and agility, and easier device management. The cloud-managed network model has gained widespread acceptance in the enterprise world. In fact, IDC reports that cloud-managed networks made up 26% of all deployments in 2017. And that will increase to 38% by 2022.

In order to participate and to get a glimpse of the exciting new features that the EnGenius Cloud Solution has to offer, resellers and existing partners can register or log into the European EnGenius Partner Portal (https://partners.engeniusnetworks.eu/) where clear instructions for participating in the EnGenius AI-Driven Cloud Solution Program can be found on the main rotating banner of the homepage. Partners will be asked for concrete feedback. It will be an important strategic contribution with which EnGenius will be able to perfect its services while respecting the needs and expectations of all its partners.

In this regard, Sherry Wei, Regional General Manager of EnGenius Networks Europe B.V., commented, “Companies often tend to be too abstract in their solutions without considering their partners’ field experience. The relationship with customers and the effectiveness of the service are the basis of the success of a company and it is precisely for this reason that we want our partners to experience the tools we are preparing to improve their operations. We are interested in their opinion and we intend to take this into account also because we know that in this way we can maximize the level of satisfaction for all the parties involved”.

Register or log into Partner Portal here: https://partners.engeniusnetworks.eu/

About EnGenius Networks Europe B.V.

EnGenius Networks is an international manufacturer of innovative network solutions for companies and is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The company was founded in 2006 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Senao Networks Inc. and today has numerous offices on almost every continent. EnGenius offers an end-to-end solution – a comprehensive network deployment from start to finish with hardware and software products, including Ethernet switches, in- & outdoor access points and hybrid access points with built-in IP cameras. EnGenius B2B solutions are used worldwide by department stores, cafes, airports, hotels, hospitals, event locations, resorts, museums and universities.

EnGenius’ mission is to provide best-in-class data solutions that promote mobility, increase productivity and are easy to use. We believe that connectivity should go hand in hand with reliability, rich features and personalized service, while remaining affordable.

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EnGenius Networks Europe B.V.
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