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How do I configure my MacOS/X PC with a static IP to manage my Access Point or switch with default settings?

In order to connect to the Access Point, you must first configure the TCP/IPv4 connection of your Mac OS/X computer  system. (Unless it already has an IP in the same subnet.)

Step 1: Go to System Preferences (Which can be opened in the Applications folder or selecting it in the Apple Menu).

Step 2: Select Network in the Internet & Network section.

Step 3: Highlight Ethernet.

Step 4: In Configure IPv4, select Manually.

Step 5: Enter enter an IP address that is different from the Access Point, but in the same subnet and enter the same subnet mask then press OK.

For example: ENH220EXT IP address:

PC IP address: (or any free IP in the range from up to and including

PC Subnet mask:  

Step 6: Click Apply when done

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