EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. Warranty Policy

EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. Warranty


The devices from EnGenius in Europe have a two-year standard warranty serviced through authorized distributors. 


EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW)


To acquire the EnGenius Limited Lifetime Warranty, the user of the EnGenius product(s) can register for a Limited Lifetime Warranty on selected products: 


The Limited Lifetime Warranty & Registration for EnGenius EWS products and EnGenius Cloud Models (ECS/ECW) is only applicable for products purchased in the EU.


The Limited Lifetime Warranty can be requested for EWS/ECW/ECS Series products that were purchased after May 1, 2017.


● If you are EnGenius partner, you are entitled to Limited Lifetime Warranty without registration. To become EnGenius Partner, please sign up here: https://partners.engeniusnetworks.eu/EU/profile/signup


Registering for the Limited Lifetime Warranty: In order to qualify for the Limited Lifetime Warranty for EWS/ECW/ECS Series products, all eligible products must be registered with complete information and a proof of purchase. If not, the product warranty will be subject to the warranty policy provided by your direct seller. Registration can be done by sending the product registration form to the EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. RMA service center.


Limited Lifetime warranty will only be granted within 2 months after purchasing the product(s) – for EnGenius partners, Limited Lifetime Warranty is granted as soon as the registration is approved.


EnGenius’ Limited Lifetime Warranty is only valid if the original receipt is issued by an authorized distributor or reseller. Provided information must contain: place of purchase, date of purchase and the model number of the product. EnGenius reserves the right to refuse warranty service if this information has been removed, altered or is missing.


In the case of a warranty claim, the product needs to be returned to your point of purchase. The original authorized supplier will handle the Limited Lifetime Warranty claim according to the terms and conditions of EnGenius Networks Europe B.V.


EnGenius reserves the right to change any Warranty Terms and Conditions without any notification.


The Limited Lifetime Warranty is defined as the “lifetime” of the product supplied to the consumers who purchased from an authorized distributor or reseller within EU territories from the purchase date to the effective end of life (“EOL”) date of the product. EnGenius will make EOL announcements which are available on the EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. website or communicated to authorized distributors/resellers. The Limited Lifetime Warranty will be supported for an additional two (2) years after the EOL announcement date and will be solely effective for the applicable products.


Consumable items, accessories and optional items (including lightning arrestor, surge arrestor, RF cables, pigtails, fans, embedded PSU and antennas) are not included in the Limited Lifetime Warranty unless otherwise explicitly stated.


The information contained herein is subject to change without any notice.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Applies to:

EnSky Switches
(EOL in October 2020)
(EOL in June 2020)
(EOL in November 2019)
(EOL in September 2020)
(EOL in December 2017)
(EOL in January 2018)
(EOL in January 2018)
(EOL in July 2017)
EnSky Access Points
(EOL in March 2019)
(EOL in March 2019)
(EOL in January 2020)
(EOL in March 2020)
(EOL in May 2017)
(EOL in June 2018)
(EOL in March 2018)
(EOL in May 2019)
EnGenius Cloud Switches
EnGenius Cloud Access Points
ECW260ECW160 ECW230 ECW220

Limited Lifetime Warranty Registration

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